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CTC Community Kids


CTC Childcare Services is primarily a space within the community

for children to work alongside other children and adults on a range

 of meaningful projects.


We recognise that children are the authors and shapers of  their own

learning. They engage with a strong sense of  ownership and contribution,

and the participation of carers  and families and the wider community

provide the foundation for a sense of belonging.


Learning is a collaborative and shared process.  When  children’s learning is

documented they emerge from Anonymity ……………they are given a voice.


To learn is to move beyond the limits of what we know. Learning not

limited  to a sense but a holistic understanding of self and the world around us.


CTC Childcare Services provide a safe, caring environment

Where children can explore, experiment, learn and have fun!!!

We choose to see people (including children) as subjective beings that

experience the world from their own point of view. They each have their own voice and their own story.

In essence we are learning to play and playing to learn