Disability: Services

CROSB provides a range of in-home and community based services that are tailored to the preferences and needs of the person living with a disability and their family. We offer individualised support and meaningful engagement in socially valued activities for people with disabilities.

Levels of support vary depending on the needs of the person or their family and may include:

Your Life Your Choice

CTC Disability Services - Your Life Your Choice is an approved Host Provider under the Your Life Your Choice scheme.

CTC Disabiilty Services - Your Life Your Choice service works in partnership with each client to choose the right package that will allow them the flexibility to meet changing needs. Together we will identify: Goals and personal aspirations; Develop a Support Plan; Facilitat connection with local community agencies; Involve you in decision making at all levels.  Contact CROSB Office to make an appointment or for further information.

Accommodation and Respite Support

Accommodation support is around the clock support for people living with a disability in permanent accommodation, including assistance with personal care and lifestyle needs.  Respite support is a centre-based and in-home respite service for our clients throughout the South Burnett region. This includes weekend respite which may involve group activities relevant to gender and age.

Community Access and Learning Life Skills

Community Access is assisting young people and adults living with a disability to identify their personal goals and develop achievable plans that encourage them to reach their full potential and live the life they want. This service includes a range of recreational and social activities, as well as support in developing living skills and integrating in the community.  Learning and Life Skills focuses on skills development. These activities aim to assist with daily tasks and community access


Our objective is to provide an enjoyable evening for people to connect with others, experience something new and enjoy getting involved in an activity.  Monthly Group Nights are held on the third Tuesday of each month.  Throughout the year CROSB holds combined group activities to enhance social interaction between all groups.  The group program is prepared in advance with an invitation extended to clients, their families and friends. We regularly ask for client feedback and strive to encourage more people to attend.  For further information on groups contact CROSB Office 07 4162 9081 or email: crosb@sbctc.com.au


Our services are about supporting the individual to make their own decisions for their future and put the necessary supports in place to ensure their desires come to fruition.  In doing so, we continue to provide comprehensive Individual Support Planning that considers the specific needs of our clients, including those with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, their individual abilities and opinions, as well as input from their families and carers.

Funding for these services is provided through Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and other funding bodies on occasion. Services can also be purchased privately.

To register or access Disability Support Services contact Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services http://www.communities.qld.gov.au/disability/support-and-services or Phone: 1800 177 120 or contact your Local Area Co-Ordinator:

Kingaroy: 07 4163 6662

Murgon: 07 4168 3811

Nanango: 07 4171 0345