Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs)

Personal Helpers and Mentors Service (PHaMs) is available to people aged 16 years and over to assist in the recovery of mental health illness.  The service takes into account not just mental health issues but any additional physical and emotional wellbeing issues that impact on the participant’s mental health. Recovery is a personal journey that is driven by individual goals and helps participants to cope better with their illness and overcome difficulties and challenges that they face along the way.

What is PHaMs?

PHaMs is for people with mental health illness who experience difficulty living independently in the community because of the impact of their illness.  The service does this by:

  • Supporting people to manage their daily activities
  • Helping to access the services they need as required such as accommodation, social support, health, welfare and employment services
  • Building personal capacity and self-reliance
  • Increasing levels of community participation
  • Providing increased opportunities for recovery for people whose lives are affected by mental health illness
  • Taking a strength based recovery approach

Who is eligible to participate?

A person does not need to have a formal clinical diagnosis of mental health illness to be able to access the service.  Participants must:

  • Be 16 years of age and over
  • Have a mental illness and have functional incapacity due to the mental illness
  • Be willing to participate in the service voluntary
  • Be willing to comply with health and safety policies of the service
  • Live in the coverage area of the PHaMs service where they are seeking support (South and North Burnett)
  • Be willing to address other conditions including drug and alcohol issues if applicable 

How can PHaMs be accessed?

People can be referred to the service from any source within the local community.  A referral form is available by clicking here

Contact Us

Team Leader North and South Burnett

Phone: 0458 077 158


The Personal Helpers and Mentors Service is delivered in partnership with:

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