Feedback Opportunity

1st April 2016

Do you want to provide feedback on the support you receive from CTC?  


As part of our certification requirements, CTC is participating in an audit for a range of our services during the week commencing 11 April 2016.   We are keen for the auditors to talk with the people we support.   If you would like to provide feedback and have received support from any of the following programs in the last three months, please contact your support worker or email to organise an interview time.    You can provide feedback in person, by phone or just agree to your file being reviewed.   The auditors are bound by confidentiality and do not use any names or other identifying factors in their report.


The following services are being reviewed

☐        Youth Services (Fusion)  - Tuesday 12 April

☐        Next Step After Care – Tuesday 12 April

☐        Family and Child Connect – Tuesday 12 April

☐        Renew Intensive Family Support – Tuesday 12 April

☐        Domestic Violence Service – Tuesday 12 April

☐        Safe Haven – Wednesday 13 April

☐        Wondin-dee – Wednesday 13 April

☐        Partners in Foster Care – Thursday 14 April

☐        Gumnut Place – Thursday 14 April

☐        Residential Services – Friday 15 April


There is also an opportunity to be involved in the Opening or Closing briefing.

☐        The Opening briefing is on Monday 11 April at 8.30am

☐        The Closing briefing is on Friday 15 April at 3.00pm


If you would like to attend either the Opening or Closing briefing, please contact Janet at