CTC Unveils New Logo to Commemorate 40th Anniversary.

5th April 2024


CTC Unveils New Logo to Commemorate 40th Anniversary.
Following 40 years of service to the South Burnett community, South Burnett CTC Inc (CTC) is delighted to unveil a new logo, one that celebrates who we are, where we have come from and what we will continue to do.
Originally established to combat youth unemployment in the South Burnett, CTC has evolved over the years to become synonymous with "Contributing to Community". From its humble beginnings to its expansion into disability services, youth and family support, foster carer support and domestic and family violence, the organisation has continually adapted to meet the changing needs of the community it serves.
"This is our story, and we are part of something very special," remarked Jason Erbacher, CEO at CTC. 
"As we embark on this new chapter, it's essential to mark and celebrate our evolution with a rebrand that reflects our values and vision for the future.  We will launch our new logo at 10am on Friday the 5th of April at the CTC Enterprise Centre, 6 Cornish St, Kingaroy.
“Long have we been more than a youth and employment service.  People ask what does CTC do?  There is no simple answer for this, with our service offering now encompassing homelessness support, residential care services, family support programs, The Gumnut Place social enterprise and many more.”
“Our vision remains – to provide support and services that allow everyone to have the opportunity to live their life to its fullest.  We will continue to do this by advocating for gaps in service delivery, working closely with others (as we cannot do this alone) and being brave and delivering the services that make a genuine difference.”
The new logo captures the essence of CTC's dedication to community support and empowerment, while also honouring its rich history and legacy of service. The logo's design elements convey a sense of inclusivity, diversity, and forward-thinking, reflecting the organisation's commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those it serves.
"Even with our broad breadth of funded and un-funded services, there are still many in our community who fall through the cracks.  A key area that we have identified recently is single people over 25 and the elderly.  There is a big gap in what support they are eligible for, becoming apparent as many fall on hard times and need to ask for help for the first time in their lives, whether it be around homelessness, cost of living or other challenges.”
“We need to work together as a community and use our resources wisely.  Together, we can continue to write the next chapter in our journey of community support and empowerment for the South Burnett."
For more information about CTC and its services, please visit the CTC website www.sbctc.com.au. 
Media Contact:
Camille Champagne - Communications Officer 
camillec@sbctc.com.au | 0466 550 104