Intensive Family Support (IFS)

What is RENEW Intensive Family Support?

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RENEW Intensive Family Support (IFS) works with families under stress through immediate assistance; practical hands on assistance; linking families to other specialist help and advocating with the family to get the help they need.   This will allow families to work on a single case plan which includes all the support they need to help families be safe, resilient and to thrive.

How will IFS Work with Familiies?

The IFS South Burnett model builds on the IFS framework and incorporates some local elements towards successful and sustainable outcomes.  The service has three phases of support:-

  1. Active engagement utilising people and services with whom the family is comfortable; meeting people at a safe place of their choice; rapid take up of referral; focussing on immediate assistance through practical help and utilising a strength based, solution focused model with families.
  2. Practical, concentrated hands on assistance.   Initial support will be intensive and will include: -
    1. Developing a single case plan
    2. Providing supported referrals to specialists including clinical or therapeutic services
    3. Linking the family to supports such as housing, emergency relief, child care, tutoring
    4. Providing practical in home support such as developing daily routines, embedding behaviour strategies for children, budgeting, shopping and cooking
  1. Ongoing engagement with the family to ensure the strategies from the single case plan are embedded and continue.   Families will also be encouraged to be involved in groups around support or involvement of their children.

Who is eligible?

IFS will support families where:

  • There is a child or young person (unborn to under 18 years); and
  • The family has multiple and/or complex needs; and
  • The family would benefit from access to intensive and specialist support services; and
  • Without support the child, young person and family are at risk of entering or re-entering the statutory child protection system; and
  • The child is not currently in need of protection

Interested in IFS Support?

Families can access assistance through the Family and Child Connect Service or directly through to the Intensive Family Support Service through phone, email or walking into one of the CTC offices.

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Phone: 13FAMILY or (07) 4162 5973


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