RENEW Early Years Service (EYS)


What is RENEW Early Years Service?

The RENEW Early Years Service (EYS) works with families to support the development of children from birth to 5 years; with the primary goal of developmental readiness and successful transition to the formal schooling environment. The main service delivery model is Parents As Teachers, which focusses on Parent–Child Interaction, Child Centered Development and Family Wellbeing.

How will the Early Years Service Work with Families?

The Early Years Service supports families to:

  1. Address your family holistically through in-home support
  2. Understand and support children’s developmental milestones and requirements
  3. Connect to specialist community services
  4. Participate in groups to build support networks and parenting confidence
  5. Strengthen the skills to be the best parent/carer you can be
  6. Ensure your children are ready to transition to school

Who is eligible?

The Early Years Service will support families where there is a child or young person (birth to 5 years) prior to entering the formal school setting and:

  • The child or young person requires access to health and/or medical services for diagnosis and/or relevant support and treatment, OR
  • The parent/carer would like to work on their relationship with their child or their understanding of child development

Interested in EYS Support?

Families can access assistance through the Family and Child Connect Service or directly through the Early Years Service via phone, email or walking into one of the CTC offices.

Contact Us

Contact our Kingaroy office or:
Phone: (07) 4162 7788