Money Management Service

What is Money Management?

Money Management is a free, confidential and independent service providing financial counselling and advocacy for people experiencing or likely to experience financial crisis.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who finds themselves in financial dificulty including:

  • Unemployment
  • Illness
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Low income or poverty
  • Unfair financial practices
  • Addictions
  • Mental health issues
  • Changes in family circumstances

How does Money Management work?

  • Provide you with information, advice and advocacy to help manage your finances
  • Budgeting
  • Help negotiate repayment options with creditors
  • Check your eligibility for subsidies or other assistance and help with the application process
  • Advocate on your behalf on issues such as eviction, disconnection of electricity, phone or gas (or provide information to help assist you to advocate on your own behalf)
  • Information about the options available to people in financial difficulty and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Understand that other factors may be affecting your situation and offer non-judgemental support
  • Refer to other services for assistance

Program Funding

This program is funded by the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy.

Contact Us

Drop into the CTC Youth and Family Services Kingaroy or Connections Murgon offices and ask to speak to, or book a time with one of our qualified staff members.

To download our brochure for Money Management CLICK HERE